The Industry's Longest Lasting, Heavy-duty Aquatic Harvesters

Your green, chemical-free approach to keeping lakes and waterways clean

Heavy-duty Waterway Management Equipment

When it comes to managing your lakes and waterways, making the right decision begins with choosing Inland Lake Harvesters. We've built our environmental approach to waterway management with industry leading, extremely reliable and long-lasting aquatic weed harvesters and accessories that are engineered for strength and simplicity of maintenance.

With Inland Lake Harvesters you have the industry's strongest partner in fighting aquatic weeds and preserving your beautiful lakes and waterways.

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We offer environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid/oil in all our harvestors while offering a chemical free water management solution with the added benifit of collecting very fertile compost.
  • Close-up of Heavy-duty Flatwire BeltingHeavy-duty 1"x1" flatwire belting with 6-gauge rods and a tension rating of 1,350 lbs/ft means that Inland's customers enjoy longer wear with less distortion and maintenance.

  • Swing away front suspension system for extra protection from hidden debris

  • Close-up of Comfortable SeatingThe operator's safety is one of our greatest concerns at Inland Lake. The control tower's comfortable seating position doesn't require straddling a control console and reduces operator fatigue as well as muscle and back problems.

  • Close-up of Heavy-duty Shaft, Bearings, and AdjusterInland's use of 1-1/2" heavy-duty shafts and bearings ensures long life and trouble-free service. In addition, the use of stainless steel adjusters eliminates adjuster failure due to rust.

  • Close-up of Stainless Steel HullInland offers a 100% Grade 304 stainless steel hull at an affordable price.

  • Long-lasting, high pressure hoses for safety and reliability.

  • Close-up of Diesel EngineQuiet, efficient diesel engine—with a bio-diesel option!

  • Close-up of Direct-drive Hydraulic MotorDirect-drive hydraulic motor hub coupled with the tapered shaft and keyway—no more headaches from the constant rebuilding and replacement of gearboxes and chain drive systems.

Highlighted Harvester features Heavy-duty Flatwire Belting Swing Away Front Suspension Comfortable Seating Heavy-duty Shafts, Bearings, and Adjusters 100% Grade 304 Stainless Steel Hull Long-lasting Hoses Quiet Diesel Engine Direct-drive Hydraulic Motor

Experience and Durability

With over 30 years of experience in waterway management, Inland Lake Harvesters has developed the ultimate solutions to manage any waterway. Our attention to detail and superior craftsmanship has been refined to produce the strongest built, longest lasting aquatic harvesters on the market.

At Inland Lake Harvesters we do not build for obsolescence.

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Aquatic Weeds

Both floating and submerged aquatic weeds (such as Hydrilla, Water Hyacinth, and Eurasian Milfoil) are easily mitigated using Inland's harvesters. However, creating the best plan to manage your waterway the right way is an in-depth process benefiting from years of experience. At Inland Lake Harvesters our experts are here to help you get the job done right with over 30 years of hands-on experience and our vast knowledge of waterway management.

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Not sure if harvesting is the right solution for you? Dredging may be the answer.

DredgerNot only is Inland Lake Harvester a leader in aquatic harvesters, as a division of Inland Dredge Company we also have over 30 years experience in dredging, shoreline management, pond construction and waterway development. We invite you to visit Inland Dredge Company for more solutions to waterway management.


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